RipClip Surfboard Hanger


We want to hang with you!

Hang your quiver without removing your fins, leash or board bag.

Family owned and made in San Diego.

Will the RipClip damage the tail on my board?

No. The RipClip is designed to flex open when sliding your board into the clip. Soft EVA foam (same material as your traction pad) compresses around the tail and cushions the board.

The holding strength between the RipClip and your surfboard utilizes the most structural part of your board, the leash plug.

Leash plugs are designed to hold torquing and tensile loads and are adhered to the foam blank of your surfboard under the fiberglass shell.

The RipClip will also work with Drill-Thru leash set-ups which are standard on most single fins or boards that use a longbox.

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