Rental-Performance Surfboard

High Performance Glassed Surfboard

Surf the waves with our exceptional High Performance Glassed Surfboard, beautifully handcrafted in the heart of California’s surf culture. Each board is a testament to the passion and precision of seasoned shapers, offering you the pinnacle of surf performance.

Product Features:

  • High-Performance Design: Every curve and contour of the Performance Glassed Surfboard is designed with the avid surfer in mind. Its design promises agility, speed, and responsiveness for an exhilarating surf experience.
  • Quality Glassed Construction: Constructed with the finest glassing materials, this surfboard ensures a perfect balance between weight and durability. Experience a ride that is smooth, stable, and unfazed by the rigors of the ocean.
  • Hand-Shaped Precision: Handshaped by expert craftsmen, our surfboards are pieces of functional art. The meticulous shaping process results in a board that feels uniquely yours, connecting you to the wave like never before.
  • California-Made Heritage: Born from California’s rich surfing legacy, this board carries the spirit of its origin. Whether you're carving local breaks or exploring distant swells, you're riding with a piece of surf history.