FCS II Connect PG 10" Clear


Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board. Performance Glass construction.

The CONNECT is a great all-round fin
which can be used in a variety of surfboards
and applications from retro shortboards to
traditional longboards.

Inspired by 65 years of surf history and fin
development, the CONNECT is the ‘go-to'
dolphin style fin for longboarders and shapers
all around the world, favoured for its reliable

Don't be fooled by the gorgeous transparent
glass tint, this fin is all about function
while still looking cool. In an era of retrorenaissance
and creative flair, this is a no nonsense
essential fin that ticks all the boxes.

The neutral outline has a solid base and
smooth raked profile, allowing the surfer to
connect strong turns and stable nose rides
without sacrificing speed through transitions.

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