7'6 Stewart Hydrocush (949) Comp


The HydroCush 949 (Comp) boards take "maximizing fun" to a whole new level! Don't call it a soft top - these boards are so much more. The HydroCush line combines a hard bottom including all of the high-performance features that Stewart shapes are known for with a user-friendly EVA foam deck. The result is a board that is more durable than a glassed board, safer than a hard board, and rides way better than a foamie. What's more fun than that?

Every Stewart HydroCush board is built to last and made to advance your surfing while putting a smile on your face!

A shaped EPS blank makes up the core of the Stewart HydroCush boards, hand-finished with precision and the highest attention to detail. Perfectly blended concaves and flawlessly foiled rails make these boards faster, looser, and more responsive than you ever thought a soft top could be. A real wood stringer from tip to tail provides the ideal flex and a wood veneer wrap maxes out strength and durability. Custom EVA on the deck gives it a surprisingly soft yet grippy feel. HydroCush is your magic carpet to fun — no need for messy wax. This unique construction will make your turns feel solid and stable, while the time-tested, tried and true Stewart shapes ensure responsiveness and unparalleled performance.

The ideal board for a shortboarder looking for a fun mess-around board, the HydroCush (949) Comp is an insanely fast and loose mid-length that rides like a shortboard.

The pulled-in nose makes duck-diving effortless and the perfect rocker drops into steeper faced waves with ease. It's got plenty of paddle-power, but has a responsive, fast shortboard feel when you're up and riding. Deep vee concave bottom makes it feel much smaller rail to rail while the beveled rails are forgiving in the turns. Designed to be surfed with the Futures Vector 2 Quad Scimitar fins and a center 3.25" trailer fin, which give it solid bite and insane drive down the line.

7'6" 22 1/2" 2 7/8" 51.74 Ltrs

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