7'6 Island Surf Company Ballena Surfboard.


Shaped by Matt Cavani / Bing Surfboards

Ballena: "Whale" Pr. Bayena (Spanish Origin)

The Ballena sports a very friendly outline with paralleled rail lines and a fuller longboard style nose. At 23" wide, we wanted to pull the tail in so it could turn on a dime and by adding the double winged bumps and the rounded tail, the whole board comes together. Set up with a 5 Fin configuration, you can be use it as a Single Fin and nose ride this 7'6 if you're 150 bs. Although a heavier rider, around 220lbs, may probably set it up as a Quad and ride it as a shortboard. There's plenty of options to be had with the Ballena.

Nose: Rounded
Tail: Roundtail
Fin Setup: 5 Fin (4+1 Futures)
Finish: Sanded
Suggested Weight Range: 0-235lbs
Wave Size: 0-6 ft
Skill: Beginner to Intermediate

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