Carver C5 Raw 32" Sun Rays Street Surf Complete



Ojai artist Daren Thomas Magee considers himself a work in progress, a dude who simply loves to create and share his work with the world. It's a humble description for someone who's refined eye and creative vision communicates such complex ideas, even shifts our perception of time with words and images that remind us to slow down, to appreciate and enjoy our journey on this planet. Inspired by the natural and the supernatural, his work speaks to the liminal space between imagination and reality, leaving you to float off to someplace entirely new. Which is fitting for this series, which seeks to explore that intersection between high performance surfing and street skating, where pushing progression requires purpose-built hybrid equipment that performs well in both worlds.

  • Truck Option: C5
  • Truck Color Option: Raw
  • Wheels: 58MM Park Black 95A
  • Bearings: Built-In
  • Grip Tape: Park Print Logo
  • Hardware: Black Manganese
  • Length: 32"
  • Width: 8 1/2"
  • Wheelbase: 15 1/2"
  • Nose: 5 3/4"
  • Tail: 6 1/2"

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