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Have a look at what just some of our valued customers have to say about Island Surf Company…

  • We just got back from a trip along the Oregon Coast plus a bit of California – really liked Crescent City CA and all the longboards there. We went to many shops along the coast and yours is by far the best stocked with the most variety.

    Caleb is happy with the board, suit, gloves etc we got him in April for his birthday from you and I am fine with the second hand suit I purchased from you this summer. The straps we got from you just did our 3600 km trip very well!!!

    Richard H.

  • It's Chris here, I picked up the Infinity Classic 2 weekends ago, I've taken it out several times down here at JR and Sombrio and you were right. That board is magic, unbelieveable paddling, and amazing ride, it's my new favourite board. Thank you for your help and I really enjoyed your shop.

    Chris T.

  • I tried the 7'6" Anacapa on Sunday. That is an unreal board for a surfer at my skill level (intermediate) I am so stoked!

    I could paddle into any wave with ease and it turned as tight as I wanted it to. I improved my surfing by 30% just by buying that board!


    Paul L.

  • Hey Colin, this is Pete. I stopped in last Saturday with my girlfriend Kim and you twisted by rubber arm (heh) into buying a new Xcel Infiniti 5/4/3. Just wanted to let you know that the suit was AWESOME out in the stormy conditions that afternoon. Rather than the conditions being merely tolerable, as I'm used to in my Oneill 4/3, I was actually *warm* and totally comfortable the whole time. Except when I got sucked backwards over the falls trying to punch through the biggest set wave of the day. :)

    Also, just wanted to say that your shop is the best surf shop I've ever been to, not just because of your product (though the expanded selection and new stuff is great!) but because of the friendly vibe you and your wife give out. Zero attitude, nothing but Aloha and stoke. I recommend you to everyone.


    Pete M.

  • Just wanted to say your new renovated space looks fantastic !

    It may be nicest surf shop I have seen.
    (and I have seen more than a few in Cali & Hawaii)

    Darren B.

  • I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you gave me in selecting a new board. I rode it for the first time today and it was everything you said it would be. I couldn't believe how maneuverable yet stable it was. It had speed too. I have never had the experience of running huge sections of close out slop on a long board before. All I had to do was move up on the board and it took off like a rocket. I could go on and on, but I'll refrain, and just say I love my new board. I am definitely a happy customer.


  • Thousand Thanx!!!!!! The new 8'4" Cleary board performed better than expected! I tripled my wave count in 2 days of small swell compared to 3 years with the Hammer. Much happier with the Red Rocket!

    Vasant M

  • Hey Colin. Mathew here. Not only were you nice enough to open late so I could get my board, but you offered dinner and wine too! Thnx.

    The Secret Weapon is just that. My first day out with it was in pumping Cox bay. Breakers were as far out as the point. The main peak was 15', and then some on the sets. The Secret Weapon not only paddles superbly but is light underfoot and ultra manueverable, this in spite of having some weight to it. The V Cluster system is unreal, unlike anything I've ridden. Super loose, unhindered, yet tight, controlled, predictable. I saw one guy get a full stand up barrell with the lip pitching five feet overhead. I caught the next one and went from Cox point all the way to Long Beach resort, carving it like a thanksgiving turkey all the way along. Thanks man.

    Matthew S.

  • Hey, just a quick note to say how much the three of us (the visiting Californians with the boat..) enjoyed your stoke, good positive vibe, and aloha! As always with surf travels, everyone’s a bit curious about how the locals will act when confronted with our traveling show, but you were a very gracious host and a fun stop along the trail. The tip about Qualicum Beach was great! We got a motel and ate at the Old Dutch down on the water. Fantastic, especially when compared to our 7 nights of pasta around the campfire on that rocky beach up in (un-named spot).

    You guys have a very good thing there on the Island, and you’re lucky to have such an adventure prone area to roam around in for your surfing.

    Jeff C.

  • I purchased my first longboard from your freezing cold shop at 9:00 pm, and I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was. I used the board the very next day, and had a great time surfing on waves which were less than ideal. The board rides very nicely, and is a breeze to catch waves with. I am very glad to have discovered your shop, and you can count on return visits by me and Andrea (she liked the ear plugs a lot). The chill in the air was certainly tempered by your friendly greetings, and I appreciate your kindness. Thanks again.

    Mike S.

  • Got my order. i watched my dvd last night, surfed with my new leash this morning and then put on my new clean t-shirt. life is good.

    Thanks for the 2 stickers, one for each of the surf shop billboards north of nanaimo.

    just kidding,
    thanks colin!

    Dave B.

  • I'm loving the Infinity V-Cluster it has improved my capabilities greatly.

    Thanks for expediting the good times.

    Andy D.

  • Hi Colin, Brian here, I just thought I would send you a email to let you know how impressed I am with your shop and your website !! I was surprised you remembered my name when I bumped into you at South Chestermans on Saturday, you have a customer for life. You guys have your act together and I'm sure you'll be successful and be around for a long time. I'm planning a trip with a buddy who is new to surfing on Aug. 3/4, so I will call a week in advance and rent the stuff he needs from your shop. All my surf related purchases, large or small, will be from you guys, and hopefully in the not to distant future, I can purchase a new, or good used longboard from you. Anyways, I'll let you go, hope to see you soon !!!!


    Brian from Comox

  • Thanks a ton for all the help with getting my Infinity longboard. Had it not been for your exceptional knowledge and experience I probably would have been steered into a less than perfect board.

    Without a doubt, Island Longboards is THE ULTIMATE longboard shop in Canada!

    Thanks again!

    Taylor F.