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The Store

Why come to us?

We support surfing in all forms, whether it’s your first time in the water, or you’re a surfing expert. Our shop staff are knowledgeable, friendly and always stoked. We’re happy to help with anything, answer any questions, and get you the goods you need to have an amazing time on the West Coast.

If you’re coming from the east coast of the Island or the Lower Mainland, we’re on the way! We are perfectly situated on Highway 4, West of Qualicum Beach, about 5 minutes after the turnoff, and one of only two shops on the way to the beach.

We have the largest selection of surfboards in Canada, the best brands, and all of them are handmade. If it isn’t a one of a kind piece, shaped with care and precision, and made with the best materials, we don’t sell it. Whether you want a twig or a log, we have boards in all shapes and sizes to suit any tastes, waves and riding styles.

We’re chill about rentals. Our rates haven’t changed since 1998, and our drop-off hours are flexible. We don’t believe in hourly late fees, and we take care of our rental gear. We understand that once you get into the water, you may stay for a little more time than you planned. We have rental drop-off until 11pm, so you can surf until sunset, and still get your gear back in time.

We love seeing familiar faces. Come stop by, chat with Colin and our staff, check out our amazing boards, or pick up a couple bars of wax. Whatever it is, we love to see people excited to head out West, and if you come by once, we’re sure that you’ll come back.

Convinced? Click here for directions, store hours and shop information.