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At Island Surf Company we have been Stand Up Paddleboarding since 2006. We were the first shop in Canada to carry SUP boards; not only stock them, but ride them as well. Deal with the original – serving Vancouver Island since 1998.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is an exciting alternative to conventional surfing in that the surfer remains standing and moves through the water by paddling a long, canoe style paddle.

Typically more suitable for smaller Summer beach break waves or a nicely lined up point or reef break, Stand Up Paddleboarding is also a great alternative to kayaking or canoeing on flat open waters such as protected harbors, inlets, inland lakes and even slow moving rivers.

What makes Stand Up Paddleboarding especially attractive is the fact that it’s not only a new way to ride waves at your favorite break, but it’s also a great activity and workout for those of you who live near flat water such as a lake or around protected waters like the East Side of Vancouver Island or on the Lower Mainland.

Here at Island Surf Company, we offer a great selection of stand up paddleboards as well as all of the accessories you might be needing, such as paddles, leashes, racks and rail tape.

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