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From the piers of Manhattan beach in 1949 the first spark of Bing Surfboards flared to life. Although, Bing Copeland may not have known it at the time, being just 13. One thing was for sure, he loved surfing and from that Manhattan beach pier with his best buddy Greg Noll beside him, watched the older guys surf big old wooden surfboards, some of which weighed in excess of 80lbs. Heavy!
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He was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of the now legendary Dale Velzy and spent those youthful days surfing Velzy loaner boards and helping around his shop.

The first Bing Surfboards shop opened in 1959 and quickly became one of the fore-runners of surfboard manufacturing through the 60’s and 70’s.

In 1974 Bing Copeland decided to pursue a career change and move his young family away from Hermosa Beach. G&S would step in and take over Bing and Mike Eaton would continue the Bing name and Legacy through the 80’s and 90’s.

Until one day in 2000 on a dusty Baja overlook of some secret surf spot. Bing Copeland would bump into a young man named Matt Calvani. From that chance encounter, Matt Calvani would eventually take over the Bing name and continue to produce world class surfboards to this day.

Through the ups and downs and over 50 years Bing surfboards has persevered and is still on the forefront of surfboard design, construction, quality, and pure magic!

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