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SIC SUPs, SIC Inflatables and Bing Surfboards arriving by July 17

We are pleased to inform our very patient customers the all expecting boards have shipped! All orders should be here by Friday, July 17 unless there are unforeseen border issues. Coming are the entire Bing order including Levitators, the Continental, the California Square Tail, Collectors, the Seeker, the Stubby and all the Island Surf Company private label lineup!

Also shipped are SIC Maui rigid and SIC Maui Inflatable SUPs! Including 9’2, 10’6 & 11’6 Surf, 10’0 & 11’0 FIT, 9’6 & 10’0 Slice (wicked surf sup), 10’6 Sage, 12’6 Okeanos, 6’8, 7’4 & 8’4 Dark Horse surfboard. Inflatables include: 10’6 air glide, 11’0 tour. Plus SUP bags! 10’0, 11’0 & 11.11.

Looking forward to seeing all your smiling eyes and masked faces in the surf shop soon!

*Masks are to be worn for everyone 8 & up. We have some available for 50 cents if you don’t have one on you 🙂 Thanks for helping keep the Island COVID free!!