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An Insider’s Guide to the Best Deals in the Boardroom!

Every once in a while, as markets and trading prices change, Surfboards brought in at a lower cost all of a sudden become the bargain of the year! We’ve combed through our fully-stocked Boardroom and compiled a short list of under-priced picks that are sitting below the current market price. Hurry and grab one of these insider selections because they won’t last long once the word is out!

5’4 Bing Dharma 2.0 Quad – 949.00

6’0 Stewart Pigmé Surfboard – 999.00

6’4 Hobie Retro Egg – SOLD

7’0 Stewart [949] Performance Funboard – SOLD

7’2 Pearson Arrow Thruster – SOLD

8’0 Stewart Funline 11 Funboard – 1299.00

8’6 ISC Pulpo HP Longboard – SOLD

8’6 ISC Pulpo Longboard – SOLD

9’0 Stewart Redline 11 Performance Longboard – SOLD

9’8 Bing BN Lightweight Noserider Singlefin – SOLD

10’0 ISC Salsa Single Fin Longboard – 1369.00